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I make all sorts of art such as drawing, sewing, writing, etc. My real passion is comics though! ♥
If you play Forsaken World and want to add me, my name is Dragmira (I'm a level 58 Dwarf Marksman). Also, I need to join a guild pretty please!

Commissions and Art Trades are ON HOLD for now. You can check out my rates here: sympatichnaczarina.deviantart.…

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Battle of Five Armies Extended Edition

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 14, 2015, 7:55 PM
    So last night I went to see the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies in theaters. The only theater in Ypsilanti was super expensive, $11.50 compared to the $6.00 I paid back when I lived in Flint. Luckily I remembered to bring my student ID and got $1.00 off for the student discount. I want to talk about the movie so... SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

    As most of you know, this movie was the only one out of the Hobbit trilogy to be rated R. It received this rating for added violence not seen in the regular version. I'm not gonna lie, it got pretty graphic, graphic enough that the theatergoers gasped several times. Specifically when Dwalin and Balin were riding in the war chariot, which was pretty badass! It splatters a warg, splatters heads, and cuts an orc's legs off at the knees. Also, that orc that caged Gandalf in Dol Guldur gets splattered by Galadriel. Lots of splattering happened.

    One of my favorite additions to the extended edition were the dwarf army's weaponry. That stuff looked like it came straight out of da Vinci's sketch books! They had some giant, twirling spear things that did heavy damage to the elves, the ram-driven war chariot, and some sort of hand cranked machine gun (seriously, I'm not lying)

    There were a few disappointments though. Something that upset me was the lack of Beorn. We got a few more scenes of him fighting alongside the eagles in bear form, and a glimpse of him at Thorin and kin's funeral. I was expecting a some sort of flashback scene of him getting tortured in Dol Guldur but... nothing. Beorn didn't even speak, nor did he host the Yuletide party at his house for Bilbo's return journey!
    Also, I hated Alfrid Lickspittle's death scene. It was too absurd! He hid in a catapult payload and a single coin fell out of his shirt onto the lever, flinging him into the mouth of an ogre that Gandalf was fighting.
    I desperately wanted more interaction between Bolg and Azog, but sadly neither one of them got any considerable additional scenes. Looks like No Time For Tears won't be getting anymore substance from the movies :/
    One other thing I hated, the movie ended too quickly. Unlike LotR: Return of the King which kept ending over and over again, this one felt rushed at the end of the film. They spent way too much time in battle! We never got to see the rebuilding of Dale or Esgaroth or Erebor, we never saw what happened to Tauriel or Bard, it was so unsatisfying. 

    I really enjoyed it though! I loved the gore and the awesome dwarven weapons, they were new elements to Middle Earth that added a bit of punch. Blood and war machines are always a lot of fun!
Did anyone else see the extended edition in theaters? What did you think?

Dollar Costume Adoptables [OPEN] by Michelangeline
Dollar Costume Adoptables [OPEN]
I need to clean out my adoptables folder so I thought I'd reduce the price on some of them. Also, I'm trying to get a little extra money for textbooks, supplies, and other stuff!

~$1.00 each!~

#1 belongs to :iconkoromarimo:
#3 belongs to :iconplanxtafroggie:
#5 belongs to :iconsonyaism:

-Payment in U.S. dollars, PAYPAL ONLY. 
-If interested, comment with the number of the costume you want and I will send you a note for paypal info.
-Buyer will receive full-scale, unwatermarked image by email.
-Buyer is free to alter the costume anyway they want.

Check out my other adoptables!
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Wonderland Adoptable [REDUCED] by Michelangeline
Wonderland Adoptable [REDUCED]
I need to clean out my adoptables folder so I thought I'd reduce the price on some of them. Also, I'm trying to get a little extra money for textbooks and stuff.

Price - $15 ~5 USD~

-If interested, please comment and then send paypal info.
-buyer will receive larger scale, un-watermarked image along with character rights.

You can do almost anything to the character once it is yours (change colors, alter costume, etc.) but don't resell the design. Give her a name, personality, story, likes and dislikes, whatever you want! Heart

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